Xamarin Mobile App Development Workflow

Xamarin App Development Workflow

Xamarin App Development Workflow is very simple.
  • Choose mobile framework.
  • Environment setup.
  • Project setup.
  • Development.

 Choose your mobile framework:

  • Android: Android SDK & Java.
  • iOS: iOS SDK & Objective C or Swift.
  • Windows: Windows App SDK & C#

Mobile App work Flow:

  • Build
  • Debug
  • Test
  • Publish

Before started mobile app development you should have to know the types of mobile app:

There are two type of mobile app are available on market
  • Hybrid App
  • Native App

Hybrid App

A hybrid app is a type mobile app,that contains a webview. These are the latest HTML5 apps.
The biggest advantage of developing is consistent,cross platform UI that is compatible with most devices.

  • To run a web application inside of a native app using a native app wrapper that can communicate with the native device platform and the web view.
  • Hybrid apps developed using HTML,CSS and JavaScript
  • Write once and run it anywhere
  • Save time and save money

There are so many framework are available for making hybrid app
Example : Flutter,ionic,Apache Cordova & React etc.

Native App

This refers to build for a specific operating system and can be accessed only from the dedicated app store.Like android app can only be accesses by android user and development using Java.

  • They offers fastest,responsive and most reliable experience to the user.
  • Native App have the look  and feel and consistency with within the most other native app which are build into the devices.
  • Native app have the significant advantage of being able to easily accessible and utilize the build in capabilities of the user devices itself.

Environment Setup
  • Install Framework.
  • Setup development environment.
  • Install IDE.
  • Create and configure emulators.
  • Connect unlock developer devices.

Project Setup
  • Create Project.
  • Write code and create app module(Class & Libraries).
  • Create app resources(Images,Icon,Videos etc).

Build Debug & Test
  • Build the binary output.
  • Transfer binaries to emulators or device.
  • Debug and test the app.


The final stage is publish the app to app store.

  • Bundle the binary and manifest file.
  • Sign the publisher bundle(with your key)
  • Upload to the app store

To learn more details follow this video:

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