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Xamarin Android Architecture

Xamarin Android Architecture

Xamarin Android

  • SDK: Android SDK
  • Code: C#
  •  UI: XAML
  • IDE : Visual Studio | Xamarin Studio

Android Architecture

Xamarin Android Application run with mono execution environment.This mono run time works with ART(Android Run Time) environment.And both works inside Linux Kernel.Linus Kernel exposed a lot of API,So that developers get helps from android system with varieties of API.And this mono run time develop by C programming language.

  • We can access a lot of .net library on linux kernel.
  • Xamarin Android access android system API via android run time Java API.
  • We can use Android API using .net library.
  • A lot of device capability are not available on mono run time,so here Xamarin provides Android Binding layer,by this layer we can easily access native android system API.
  • This android binding create a bridge between Java and Android API. 

Xamarin Android Architecture

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